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May 23, 2012

Student Reflections – May 23

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By Ant’Quinette Jackson

Today the sun was shining, it was warm, and a stark contrast from yesterday’s depressing rain. Our first stop of the day was the Imperial Gardens. Immediately approaching the palace, there was greenery everywhere. I felt as if I was in the middle of the forest. While these scenes have a very soothing and relaxing feel, they scare me because I am terrified of bugs and don’t have an affinity for nature. While this wasn’t my favorite place of the day, I really enjoyed the landscape and the buildings inside the gardens.

At Google, we learned about their operations and recruitment efforts. They had many outreach programs for people of all ages in school that I did not know they had. I underestimated a lot of big companies because I honestly did not think they had many outreach efforts. Yet, Google along with Disney had quite a few. Just like Disney, I didn’t think Google had any internship opportunities available to majors like my own in science, but after talking to one of the presenters, she informed me that they have internships open to all majors. She said she knew an intern who was a Physics major. While I thought most corporate American companies had little interest in students studying medicine and health related majors, I am surprisingly finding out that they have opportunities that not many people in areas of study like me know of. I was also surprised by the amount of traveling that Google employees must do for their job and it brought up questions of whether you could move to a foreign country for a job.
I, personally would not be able to pack up and leave my hometown to go some place foreign and completely different. To leave my entire life and family behind to move to a country that is very different from my own takes courage and I commend people that do it.

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