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May 26, 2012

Student Reflections – May 26

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By Eric Ochoa

Unfortunately today we left Tokyo and headed for Hiroshima. I wanted to go to Hiroshima but I really enjoyed our time at Tokyo and wish we could have stayed longer. On the other hand I was definitely looking forward to visiting the Peace Memorial Park and Museum at Hiroshima. Riding on the bullet train was an amazing experience because we have nothing close to it in the United States and being able to sit next to a window and look out and the landscape was simply amazing. Having left the metropolis of Tokyo, the majority of the trip was full of fields and mountains and already showed how different Tokyo is from Japan itself. One of my own personal reasons for enjoying long trips is that I can use that time to really reflect on what I’ve experienced and think about what the future holds for me. The bullet train ride and the beautiful Japanese scenery worked really well together to allow for a lot of personal reflection to take place.

As soon as we got off of the bullet train in Hiroshima there was an immediate difference in the atmosphere and you could feel how much slower and calmer Hiroshima was than Tokyo. Having been in Tokyo for a whole week, we had gotten used to the crowds, the fast pace and public transportation. Then we came to Hiroshima where there are less people and they don’t seem to be in such a rush. The peacefulness of the city was exemplified by the trip to Hiroshima Castle; the open fields and vegetation made us slow down and really admire the castle and the surrounding area. The castle was a perfect introduction for the Peace Memorial Museum we’re going to visit tomorrow because it was one of the buildings affected by the bombing.

Mr. Hayashi made our trip to Hiroshima quite memorable

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