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July 15, 2014

The Beautiful Gyeongju and Dynamic Busan

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By Pamela Vergara and Jane Hong

Our day started at Seoul Station, where we caught the 9:00AM KTX to Gyeongju. Though we had taken the subway multiple times, it was a new experience being able to ride a major Korean railway. The station was filled with businessmen and families alike, all ready to start their weekends on the other side of the country.

Korea’s public transit has definitely been a blessing throughout this trip. Not only is the country’s system incredibly organized, but delays are a rare happenstance. The ease of getting around with such foreigner-friendly transportation will surely be one of the most missed advantages of studying in Korea.

An early morning departure at Seoul Station.

An early morning departure at Seoul Station

Daereungwon (대릉원) would be our first stop in Gyeongju. Dating back to the Silla kingdom, this place is known for its grass mound-style tombs, called tumuli. We were still amazed that these hill-like structures housed both relics and coffins belonging to royal Silla figures. To us, they were just another part of the picturesque scenery in Gyeongju. Knowing that thousands of relics were unearthed in one tomb, it is incredible to think just how much is left in the hundreds of others scattered throughout the city.

Hill-like tombs of the old Silla Kingdom.

We never would have guessed these hills were homes to royal corpses!

After a morning exploring the sights of the old Silla kingdom, our class opted to take a walk to our last destination instead of boarding our tour bus. It was surely one of the better decisions of the day.

It was here where we slowly came to realize Gyeongju’s appeal: its relaxed countryside. The city’s tourism slogan (which was plastered throughout the town in a multitude of scenic spots) is “Beautiful Gyeongju.” Our walk through some simple dirt paths and a lone lotus pond proved this statement to be true. What the city lacked in trendy eateries and massive department stores, it made up for in rural charm.

Came across a pond of lotus flowers on the way to 안압지!

Came across a pond of lotus flowers on the way to Anapji pond (안압지)!


July 27, 2013

Our amazing trip to Ulsan, Gyeongju, and Busan

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By Maggie Deagon and Daniel Kim

On July 18th at six in the morning, our group braved the Seoul drizzle with sunnier visions on our minds. Busan was the destination that thrilled us—a southeastern city known for the friendliness of its people and beauty of its beaches. Little did we know of our coastal adventure’s true magnitude.


We boarded KTX (Korea Train eXpress) to most efficiently arrive at our destination. KTX is famous for its role in Korea’s time revolution. In a word, “balli-balli” sums up the importance Koreans place on efficiency. The faster things can be done, the better! Thus, the creation of KTX helped minimize travel time between Korea’s coasts, increasing productivity. Although the trip is shorter to the southeastern coast than it would be via other methods, our group still had plenty opportunity to catch up on the rest we lacked the previous night.

Lauren, Ari and Melina on KTX

Lauren, Ari and Melina on KTX

Jay is starting to look a little sleepy over there!

Jay is starting to look a little sleepy over there!