By: Erik Huisman

Hi from the USC Wrigley Marine Science Institute! My name is Erik Huisman, and I am a rising sophomore at USC spending this summer working on Catalina Island. I am double-majoring in Archaeology and Geodesign, and I am super happy to have found a summer opportunity that allows me to gain experience in both fields.

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I am working with Lynn Dodd (USC Archaeology) and SuJin Lee (USC Spatial Sciences) to collect groundwater samples from all over Catalina. Sometimes this requires 10+ mile walks and bike rides over grueling hills, but other times we are lucky and receive rides. Field collection allowed for some fun stories – such as almost being caught up with a bison, exploring an old cave near Avalon, and finding ourselves in an underground bunker with 30 swarming birds.

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After we collected our samples, we brought them to a lab at CSU Long Beach and performed some elemental analysis. This would give us insight into the quality of the water, and the geological and hydrological makeup of the island. I spent a lot of the summer working with ArcGIS—a mapping program—which helped us stay organized, as well as looking for patterns between the chemical makeup of each of our samples.

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Aside from my scientific work, I have had a great time on the island. Everyone I met was super fun and smart. I also really enjoyed swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and playing beach volleyball with them on the side!